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Google Chrome comes to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Google just announced it’s Chrome web browser for iOS devices in the annual Google I/O conference. It is now available in the AppStore to download. Among other things, Chrome users will now be able to sync tabs between their computers,

MetroView GPS App for iPhone and iPad (Free App Giveaway)

It’s been a long way coming to the review of this app. I’ve been planning to write about this app for quire sometime now but couldn’t really get around it. So here it is. I’ll start off by saying, if

China Taxi

China Taxi ($ 0.99) by Keyloft LLC Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad When I read the iTunes description of this game and saw that it’s based on a famous Chinese painting called “Along the River during the Qingming Festival”

LWR Personal Trainer

LWR Personal Trainer (£1.49/$ 1.99) by Dennis Publishing Available on iPhone, iPod Touch Back in the day I used to exercise four times a week for about an hour. Now that free time is pretty much a thing of the

Mysteryville 2

Mysteryville 2 HD: hidden object crime investigation (2,99$ ) by Nevosoft Available on iPhone, iPod and iPad Mysteryville 2 is Nevosoft’s sequel to their original puzzle game release in 2011. The story begins with Laura Winner (journalist and physic) returning

Find a Way, José!

Find a Way, José! (Free) by Artlab Interactive Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Poor José has lost his bottle of Tequila…your mission is to reunite them in this new puzzle app from Artlab Interactive. In this sliding block game,

Happy 420 Day!

I really should be posting an app review right about now but 4/20 only comes around once a year, and that means it’s time for my short, once-a-year Legalize It rant! I honestly don’t smoke pot and I’m lucky enough


FeedMeSports – Full ($ 0.99) by Tetsu Ume LLC Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad     FeedMeSports is better than any politician alive or dead. How? It actually delivers what it says it will! It is so simple, even

Garden Buddy

Garden Buddy by Island Apps Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, & iPad The snow has melted, the trees are budding and that means time to start to tackling all those landscaping projects you’ve been putting off. If you’re like me


SpinCam (free) by Spot Metrix Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Have you ever seen those cool photos of someone in mid air where the person’s motion stops and the camera spins around them? Now you can do the same


ERres ($ 3.99) by Josh Mularella Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad There are many medical apps that claim to make life in the medical world a little bit easier (for better or worse there’s even an app that allows

Geek Quiz

Geek Quiz ($ .99) by Mark Bridges Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Do you have lots of random factoids about all things technology or sci-fi related but never knew what to do with all that info? Now you can

Hospital Frenzy

Hospital Frenzy ($ 1.99) by Hospital Frenzy Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Have you ever wanted to run your own hospital but don’t want to deal with the pesky issue of having to take years of schooling? Then this

Scratch ‘n Lick

Scratch ‘n Lick ($ 2.99) by Yumo Ronze LLC Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Picture this: You’re sitting in a fancy bistro, you’re scanning the grossly overpriced menu, and then it hits you… you’re not in the mood for

Quotes Folder

Quotes Folder ($ 0.99) by Nestor Borgo Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad   Need a quote for anything or just plain curiosity? There’s lots to find in Quotes Folder. In fact, it is deceptively simple yet packed with all

SayHI Translate

Voice Shopping List ($ 0.99) by private Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad   This is a translator in your pocket! In today’s increasingly multi-cultural world, language is often a barrier to conversation even in your own city. SayHi is