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iPad HD and 4G LTE – The Questions Still Remain

Noted Apple-related news blog iMore has recently chimed in its views about 4G LTE on the iPad 3. It looks like the iPad 3 features will certainly have the 4G LTE support, that has been the hot topic of discussion,

iPhone 5 Release Date – Will 2012 Show Up iPhone 5?

When is the iPhone 5 coming out? iPhone 5 release date is one of the hotly-debated topics in the cyberworld. It’s the next-gen iPhone, already somewhat confirmed to exist. Here’s more news on iPhone 5 release date, and on why

June iPhone 5 Release Date May Force Apple, Carriers Into Upgrade Waivers

There’s more to making a June release date for the iPhone 5 possible than just production considerations. Apple and its mobile carriers would have to offer iPhone 4S subscribers upgrade waivers — and that may not be fiscally possible. The

UK Carriers Get Ready for iPad 3 Demos and Point of Sales in Time for 13th March

A source close to Redmondpie, working with Everything Everywhere, the partnership of T-Mobile and Orange, has revealed that the new iPads may have actually arrived to help the companies to get ready for demonstrations and set up point of sales

The Nerve! Microsoft Accuses Apple Of Releasing New iOS Versions That Don’t Work On Legacy iPhones

Microsoft, for years known for frequently releasing new versions of Windows that would force users to upgrade in order to run hundreds of new applications and games incompatible with the old version, has now accused Apple of doing essentially the

iPad 3 Mock + Magic Preview – You’ll Be Stunned!

What’s funnier? Watching the iPad float upwards or seeing it turn into a beer-vending machine? Or perhaps you disagree with both because the fun starts when Siri turns into a human – and comes alive in the real world? Well,

How to Update Cydia Apps Tweaks on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

You need to update the jailbreak apps and tweaks just like other apps and Cydia teaches you to update jailbreak apps in an easy manner. You can get information and updates for those apps which you have installed in your

Web Logs Point To Apple Testing iOS 5.1, iOS 6 On iPads; iPad 3 With Enhanced Resolution

According to an Ars Technica web log, iPads are hitting their site running both iOS 5.1 and iOS 6, suggesting that iOS 6 could indeed be on its way in 2012 after all. There has been some conjecture over whether

AT&T Limits Its Grandfathered-In Unlimited Data Plan; Sprint Could Benefit With 4G iPhone 5

AT&T has tried to match Sprint in the marketplace as a price leader in data plans. But a new report today reveals that the U.S. mobile giant is using limitations and data “throttling” once users reach a data usage threshold,

7.85-Inch iPad Release Date – End Of 2012 Likely!

Now this is one rumor that has refused to either go away or become a reality. Digitimes has once again come up with reports suggesting that the 7.85-inch iPad release date could be for real, sometime late this year. The

Speck’s iPad 3 Case Ready. We’re Waiting for the Device Now!

You all know Speck, evergreen, popular and professional gadget case maker who have been producing awesome-looking iPad and iPhone cases. They have released an accessory for a device everyone is now sure of hearing about. Yeah, the iPad 3. Speck

iPad 3 Release Date Event is Set for March 7th

Finally Apple has announced an event to release their next generation iPad 3. Apple has sent out invitations for the event. The Event will take place at 10:00 am PT on March 7 2012. Event will be held at the

iTweak Jailbreak Store – A Series Cydia Competitor?

Many have come, fought with Cydia and gone facing defeat. The Cydia Store has never really had a tough competition whatsoever. Almost everything is available through Cydia so people usually do not think of anything other than Cydia. Also, many

iPad 3 Release Date Now Rumored to Be March 9 – Shipments From Foxconn Started

In what can be called a dramatic news that breaches the limit of being just a rumor, the whole cyberspace is now abuzz with information that iPad 3 shipments from the Chinese Foxconn have begun. The iPad 3 will arrive

How to Get Refund for Purchased App from App Store?

Practically… Apple store is one of the finest conservative place for buying the applications. Those applications have the ability as well as capacity, to make your life astonishing. But sometimes, you may not satisfied with the application, even after paying

All Things Must Pass: In Spite Of Record Growth And Strong Forecasts, Apple’s Success Is Not Immortal

A new piece from the New York Times acknowledges the astounding past and present successes of Apple, quickly becoming the world’s biggest publicly held company. But for as much as Apple may seem unstoppable, financial analysts can already see the