Wopple (free) by Panabee Media LLC

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Wopple bills itself as the merging of “America’s most popular TV game show” with “the most popular mobile word game”. I’m taking that to mean it’s a cross between Wheel of Fortune and Scrabble or, as most people know it these days, Words with Friends. Wopple is definitely modeled after Wheel of Fortune and not much else, so if you’re looking for a kinder and much gentler version of Wheel then you’re in the right place. As far as similarities to the “popular mobile word game”… uh, sorry guys, not seeing it!

So like I said, this is like Wheel of Fortune but it’s waaayyyyy easier and not nearly as exciting, partially due to the fact that the computer is dumb as dirt. Your mission is to solve word puzzles that come from categories like Food or Celebrities, and in typical Wheel fashion you can buy vowels and guess at consonants. There’s no wheel to speak of, just some randomized cards that determine how much “bamboney” you’ll earn if you guess a letter correctly, and unless you’ve got the IQ of a doorknob you’re pretty much guaranteed to win every time.

The main reason the computer is such a pushover is that it won’t buy vowels until ALL of the consonants are used up! And it’s clearly guessing randomly, as evidenced by the fact that it will inevitably guess “J” or “Z” when it’s painfully obvious that neither of those letters belongs in the puzzle you’re solving.

Wopple is free, though, so if you’ve got a little group of pals with whom you’re constantly killing time it could be fun. If you’re playing by yourself, though, expect it to be about as exciting as a trip to the DMV.

Wopple comes with plenty of free puzzle packs

Wopple comes with plenty of free puzzle packs

Fun If played with friends, maybe. Played alone, not really!
Sound & Graphics Light and unthreatening
Controls Easy
Replay Value Not really unless you’re playing vs. your knitting circle
Overall Competent but not much of a challenge
App Name: Wopple (iTunes)
Version: 2.2
Price as of this writing: free. :)
iTunes category: Games
Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Developer: Panabee Media LLC
Device & iOS used for review: iPhone 4, iOS 5.0

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