UFOlocaust (0.99$ ) by Priware Entertainment S.L

Available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

What’s in a name? A tower defense game by any other name would be just as fun to play. Well, UFOlocaust is not the best of the bunch, but it’s not the most boring either. Your mission: protect the anxious, humanoid masses from alien abduction. Seems easy enough, and in some cases it is. The graphics are pretty cool, as are the visual themes. You are started off with the basics which consist of plasma-collecting machinery and offensive weapons. The more points you gather, the more weapons you can buy in the Laboratory. But there are a few facets where the game is lacking.

When it comes to maneuverability, UFOlocaust can make it somewhat difficult – to add weapons or energy reserves, you have to go back to the main munitions menu and then click back into the bank of whichever type you want. Also, the little human sprites running back and forth across the bottom of the screen get a little monotonous, to the point where a player may not really care to save them anymore. And, not to mention, a few glitchy bugs while trying to place weapons have been noticeable. UFOlocaust isn’t the best game out there, but maybe it’s just not for me.



From Priware Entertainment S.L:


Fun Moderate
Sound & Graphics Pretty good!
Alien Threat Imminent
Replay Value 3/5
Overall Not too shabby
App Name: UFOlocaust (iTunes)
Version: 1.2
Price as of this writing: 0.99$ . :)
iTunes category: Games
Available on:  iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Developer: Priware Entertainment S.L
Device & iOS used for review: iPad2, iOS 5

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