Share What You’re Seeing Through The Magic Of Bluetooth

My Eye

FaceTime is great, right? I mean, video calling is one of those futuristic things you just never get bored of. Yet, until Apple allow the service to run over 3G (if they ever do), users’ FaceTime conversations are still confined to their respective Wi-Fi networks. And, whilst MY EYE – a new video transmission app – doesn’t allow users the freedom of 3G video calling, it does change the conditions from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth, providing a handy alternative.

Users may transfer video in real-time over Bluetooth to a partnered device using the application, which costs $0.99. Obviously, this is great if you only wish to share video to a friend who’s in close proximity. However, it may be a problem for those of you who desire long range video transmission (which is probably most people).

For fun around the house, MY EYE is probably a great application. It’s list of practical uses though seems pretty short – which means the app may just be worth its $0.99 price-tag. Yet, this is set to rise with the application’s first update.

And, if you’re thinking of purchasing MY EYE, let us know what you’ll be using it for in the comments box at the bottom of this article.


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