Rescue City

Rescue City (free (0.99 full game)) by Cleverson Leal

Available on iPhone & iPod Touch

We’ve all seen those line drawing games, the ones where you have to direct traffic, land planes, or direct trains, but this game provides a new take on this type of game. The aim of this game is quite simple, get the emergency vehicles to the destination before the time runs out. To do this you simply draw a route across the screen for the vehicle to follow. Although its not quite as simple as this, as you have to make sure that the vehicles don’t crash into each other. This is surprisingly hard in the later levels.

This game provides something different to this genre of game that we have seen so many times before. Take Flight Control and Harbour Master for a few of many of this type. I love the nice sleek design this game has, and the fact that there is twists in the later levels (things such as express-ways, potholes and traffic.) The levels get increasingly harder as you go through the classic levels, providing a nice difficulty gradient, that isn’t too harsh, but also keeps the game from getting boring. The arcade mode is nice, once you’ve played through the set missions available in classic, the arcade mode allows you to play to your hearts content and get the highest score possible on each level. It quickly gets hard, and provides a interesting challenge.



With all this said, the game could do with a few improvements, although only small..

  • Better line control, I know its hard on such a small screen, but I often find that when drawing lines, they sometimes go the wrong route.
  • More variance of levels. Add new things, such as road works (vehicles can’t pass through them) or traffic lights (vehicles may only pass them when they’re green). Even though this game will keep my simple mind content, I can see people getting bored of it.
  • Add online statistics. As we *all* want to see how well we are doing.

Overall I love this game, and think its one of the best designed games in a while. Most developers seem to be lazy when it comes to finding bugs, but there is very few or none in this game. Good work I say! If you have $ 0.99 that just needs spending, then this is where that should go!



Fun Very Fun
Sound & Graphics Sleek, Well Designed
Controls Easy To Use
Replay Value Addictive, Makes You Want To Play Again
Overall Well Designed, Fun Game
App Name: Rescue City (iTunes)
Version: 1.5.5
Price as of this writing: free (0.99 full game). :)
iTunes category: Games
Available on: iPhone & iPod Touch
Developer: Cleverson Leal
Device & iOS used for review: iPhone 3G, iOS 4.01


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