ProCamera – Advanced iPhone Photography

The long-awaited camera app for the iPhone is back.

Bringing professional features and intuitive usability to any iPhone,
wether it’s an iPhone, iPhone 3G or the iPhone 3GS.

What’s new?

ProCamera 2.1 introduces full-resolution Digital Zoom, while other camera apps are trying to fake a zoom function by cropping and resizing a screenshot.

Our beloved Horizon Guide got a fellow, the Grid Guide, extending the assistance for alignment and creative picture composing.

We believe, the user interface of iPhone apps should fit into the overall iPhone handling.
Therefore, ProCamera’s well-known usability remains the same:
simple, intuitive and quick.

No manual-reading or reminiscing about the way you have to take a photo.
Just the way you expect it from an iPhone application.

We were the first to use the iPhone accelerometers for Image-Stabilization and are proud that other developers learned from our achievements.

Self-Timer/Self-Portraits (Big Photo Button), Background Saving, Photo-Review, nothing is missing in this version of ProCamera.
It just got better!

And we are already working on adding more and more features, with no compromises on image quality and simple usability.

ProCamera 2.1 is available on the AppStore for the price of $ 2.99 and as free update for our previous customers.


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