My Bird World

My Bird World ($ 2.99) by Five Ravens

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

After downloading apps that promise to teach something and finding their formats neither fun nor particularly memorable, I thought I’d had it with anything containing “educational” in the description. But, it’s 2012. Why not get crazy? There have been 2 or 3 instances in the last month where a friend and I were strolling outdoors and wondered what kind of bird we were looking at. So when I saw Five Ravens’ app up for review, I figured it was a sign.

Cue My Bird World. There are 20 types of birds ready for you to win them (by way of fun games), put them in one of the available habitats and feed them. It’s almost like a bird Tamagotchi, except you have to jump through a few extra hoops to get your pet and feed it. Not that I mind. Games include tried-and-true favorites such as memory, quizzes and speed games. There is a lite version available for free, so if you test it out and are craving more aviary adventures, there’s an iPhone version and HD for the iPad. Not to mention, the realistic bird noises can really drive a house cat nuts.

This app is a pleasant, game-filled educational experience for all ages. And unlike trying to learn French, the bird skills you learn could actually come in handy. You know, so during the next picnic you can swear at that pesky, winged thing stealing your lunch by name.



From Five Ravens:
Leave a comment below and you could get this app for FREE… preference will be given to those who *promise* to post an honest review in iTunes! If you are selected to get a free code, we will send it to you via Facebook.


Visual Presentation Colorful and realistic
Ease of Use User-friendly
Fun I’m a sucker for memory
Value vs. Price Can you really put a price on education?
Overall I’d recommend it
App Name: My Bird World (iTunes)
Version: 1.0.1
Price as of this writing: $ 2.99
iTunes category: Education
Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Developer: Five Ravens
Device & iOS used for review: iPad, iOS 1.5

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