More free apps for Cyber Monday!

Attention Cyber Monday shoppers: Put down your credit card and check out the games below! They’re good. And they’re free right now.

All of the games below are free as of right now. App store prices change fast and often, so don’t dilly dally if you see something you want!

Robokill (Free) (iTunes)
Normal price: $ .99-$ 1.99

Every time I play a new game my first instinct is to compare it to something I know, and Robokill kind of reminds me that old but completely awesome arcade shooter Robotron. There’s way more gameplay here than Robotron ever had, but the crazy omnidirectional battles in Robokill do feel familiar in that way.

Robokill is a beautiful top-down shooter that’s got it all. My only complaint is that this kind of two-stick game control inevitably means your thumbs will get in the way at some point, but I think that just comes with the territory when playing this kind of game.


CSMania Reloaded (Free) (iTunes)
Normal price: $ .99-$ 1.99

This is a pretty kickass skeet shooting game! The thing that makes it so cool is that it uses the iPhone’s gyroscope. Gyroscope control was introduced with the release of iPhone 4 last year but I have to confess this is my first experience playing a game that you physically have to move beyond the limits of the good ol’ accelerometer.

Virtual skeet shooting on its own usually isn’t that hard, but the gyroscope movement makes it a challenge! And it’s also more fun. Take this one for a spin. Literally.

Absolute Instant (Free) (iTunes)
Normal price: $ .99-$ 1.99

I’ve played my share of top-down iPhone aerial shooters with my all-time favorites being iFighter and SkySmash 1918. Absolute Instant is right up there with them, and it’s not because of the strange Biblical intro story. It’s because of TELEPORTATION! A lot of aerial shooters look like they could have rolled off the same assembly line, but Absolute Instant is different and the ability to teleport out of a sh*tstorm of enemy fire is a big reason it’s unique.

Absolute Instant features all the hallmarks of a successful shooter… smart bombs, weapon upgrades, boss fights, etc… and the teleporting is great. Another big difference is in the artwork. This thing actually reminds me of Final Fantasy which is kind of weird considering most games in this genre have a decidedly retro look to them.


This is a great game for fans of this genre. Get it!


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