Liquor Cabinet

Liquor Cabinet ($ 1.99) by Lavacado Studios

Available on iPhone & iPod Touch

Every new year I make a promise to myself to drink more, but not being a big drinker I never know what to drink.   I’m always asking people what to drink and trying new drinks in order to find “My drink”.   This app might just be the app to help.  Oh yeah, I also like having lots of booze in the house.  So, this is an App that can take what you already have laying around, waiting to be drunk, and help you make a nice cocktail.   Or tell you what you should get to make the cocktail that you want.  It’s really very handy with a built in shopping list and some nice visual ads.

It’s laid out like a virtual liquor cabinet with bottles on shelves etc.   It keeps track of the booze, the mixes, the other stuff like bar fruit.   I used to live on bar fruit.  Okay so the only pain part is the initial adding all your stuff into the app.  Then I guess if you drink a lot you need to add and subtract all the stuff.   If you have a big bar where things get lost in the back or your have lots a parties this could be the app for you.   They have an extensive list of brand name booze in the data base but could add some more.  There were a few big name brands that I had that the app didn’t support.  In that case I just put in the generic “Vodka” and that worked fine.  Cheers! I’m off to make an “Old Fashion.”



















From Lavacado Studios:


Visual Presentation Very nice
Ease of Use Easy pezy
Functionality Good
Value vs. Price Fair
Overall I like it if you need it
App Name: Liquor Cabinet (iTunes)
Version: 1.0
Price as of this writing: $ 1.99. A free version of this app is not available at this time.
iTunes category: Lifestyle
Available on: iPhone & iPod Touch
Developer: Lavacado Studios
Device & iOS used for review: Iphone 4S

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