Light Her Fire

Light Her Fire-Full ($ .99) by AMSVT

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

I’m gonna level with y’all… I’m only reviewing this app because the screenshots looked funny! And they didn’t disappoint.

Light Her Fire is a Do-and-Don’t guide for would-be lotharios everywhere! The “Do” suggestions seem valid but they kind of have the stench of a guy who’s so whipped he’d fry his own nuggets in hot oil if the Mrs. demanded it. And the “Don’t” suggestions… comedy gold!

As a guy with ZERO game, I can testify that help is desperately needed in certain sectors of the male universe! Some men are so incredibly bad with chicks that advice in any form, even when it comes from a piece of hardware, is comforting and maybe even helpful.

So is Light My Fire going to get you laid tonight? Uhh… no. Most of the “Do” suggestions, while very sweet and heartwarming, are for guys who are looking to keep a woman, not get one. But like I said, the value in Light My Fire isn’t in the Do suggestions… it’s in the Don’t suggestions! They’re not side-splitting funny (sorry, I exaggerated with the “comedy gold”), but they’re goofy enough that laughing over them with the lady might actually bring you closer.

This app not only gives suggestions but it also provides the ability to make your own notes that detail all the romantic things you plan to do with your love, and it also has an event reminder to alert you when it’s time to roll your naked body in honey and rose petals and go streaking through her office. Unnecessary, but it shows effort on AMSVT’s part.

Bottom line: this app has good intentions for those who idolize their women and some funny ideas on how to piss girls off for everyone else.



Is this why women hate my guts?

Visual Presentation Not pretty
Ease of Use Decent
Functionality Good effort
Value vs. Price I’m too jaded to pay for this
Overall Is a chuckle worth $ 1 to you?
App Name: Light Her Fire-Full (iTunes)
Version: 1.0
Price as of this writing: $ .99. A free version of this app is not available at this time.
iTunes category: Entertainment
Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Developer: AMSVT
Device & iOS used for review: iPhone 4, iOS 5.0


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