Kakao Talk Messenger

Kakao Talk Messenger (free) by Kakao Corp.

I have no idea if Kakao Talk is hot in the U.S. but I can tell you this… it’s huuuuuge in Korea! It really is. I live in Seoul, Korea and just about everyone who has an iPhone or Android device here also has Kakao installed.

So why has an entire country taken such a shine to this app? Probably because it allows you to chat (read: SMS) with anyone, anywhere in the world as long as they have Kakao on their iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, and it does all that for free. Oh yeah, and Korean society is also sort of a hive mind, like the Borg in Star Trek… but I digress.

So like I was saying, if you and the people you text regularly all start using Kakao, you can probably stop paying your wireless carrier for whatever SMS package they suckered you into buying, and if you have friends or family living overseas then this app becomes a must-have.

Kakao Talk also allows the sending of photos and voice messages, and parts of the app can be customized (like the watery background in my chat above), but what’s important is that this format just rules over traditional SMS in nearly every way.

I’m sure there are other apps that do exactly the same thing and the closest thing I’ve tried is textplus which really started to piss me off with all their internal spam messages. I use Kakao Talk all the time without incident, and it’s totally changed the way I avoid actual conversations with people! It sounds like I’m kidding but I’m not. For real, if you’re looking for this kind of app, give it a try!

Visual Presentation Clean, customizable
Ease of Use Really easy
Functionality Exactly what I need
Value vs. Price It’s free!
Overall Greatest thing ever, but your BFFs need to get it too
App Name: Kakao Talk Messenger (iTunes)
Version: 2.8.1
Price as of this writing: free. :)
iTunes category: Social Networking
Optimized for: iPhone & iPad
Developer: Kakao Corp.
Device & iOS used for review: iPhone 4, iOS 5.0



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