Free App Alert: Zombie Gunship and a Handful of Others

The app store has some impressive freebies today including the AAA title  Zombie Gunship.  Zombie Gunship is probably my favorite iOS game and it is available for free for today only, so run over to the app store and download this sexy little gem.  While you are at it, you can go ahead and download Illusia, Ninja Pong, Glow Hockey 2 and Call of Mini: Double Shot for free as well.

Zombie Gunship

Have you ever wanted to sit in the gunner’s seat of a heavily-armed AC-130 ground attack aircraft to methodically take down a swarm of zombies?  Well, me neither, but this game kicks ass and it is free for today only!

From iTunes Description:

JUST UPDATED with an all new scenario and AirPlay mirroring support, Zombie Gunship™ puts you in the gunner seat of a heavily-armed AC-130 ground attack aircraft. Strategically fire your powerful guns to slay endless waves of zombies and protect the remaining survivors of the zombie apocalypse!

• IGN Editors’ Choice 9/10 “Amazing”

“Limbic Software has done the impossible: make zombie killing feel fresh again.”

“Meet the real angry bird: the ultimate anti-zombie weapon.” – Forbes

“iPhone and iPad gamers may have a horde of zombie-themed games clamoring for their attention, but few deliver on as many levels as Zombie Gunship.” – Macworld (4.5/5)

Toggle between white and black hot modes. Use your radar to quickly detect and eliminate the zombie threat.

• 25mm Gatling gun
• 40mm Bofors auto-cannon
• 105mm Howitzer cannon

Use coins to upgrade your armaments and increase your zombie killing efficiency.

Challenge your friends and other gunners on the Game Center Leaderboard!

NEW and EXCLUSIVELY for iOS 5 – AirPlay Support!
iPhone 4S and iPad 2 players with an Apple TV can now stream Zombie Gunship to their HDTV WIRELESSLY!

Kill Em All!


Illusia is an Action/RPG platformer developed by Gamevil and is “free” for the next three days. Notice how I put the word “free” in bunny ears?  That is because the game still includes in-app purchases.  Honestly, though, what freaking iOS game nowadays doesn’t include in-app purchases?  Greedy bastards!  Anyway, you can still have a satisfying experience without having to shell out your hard-earned Washington’s.

From iTunes Description:

The makers of ZENONIA have extended to a new side scrolling casual action RPG containing all the core elements of traditional role playing games presented in visually appealing anime style graphics.

Explore through quests, refine your gear, and battle your way to unravel the secrets behind the mysterious tower of ILLUSIA that nobody has entered before!

Annihilate evil and preserve good, on your adventure of restoring peace to the land of Aztaran…

Look at those gorgeous sprites!

Ninja Pong

From iTunes Description:

In the specialized Ninja Master training one skill is extremely important.

The skill in Bouncing.

In the tough Ninja’s life full of spying, sabotage and infiltration there is always something to jump over. You have to stay focused and concentrated if you don’t want to fall dawn. It becomes more complicated if you’re a tiny Ninja with gigantic head and you have to deal with a precipice larger than you could have ever imagined!

Bounce over thousands of brave warriors just by touching the screen and moving your finger horizontally. Stay out of bombs and arrows. Catch all bonuses, special Ninjas and pass incredible Nights. With two gameplay modes, diverse lands, many achievements, different leaderboards and a lot of additional, unlockable content and gameplay modifications you will keep coming back to the addictive bouncing more often than you think! Lose yourself in Ninja Pong!

Glow Hockey 2

It is the simple things in life that bring me the most pleasure!  Wait, wtf am I talking about again?  Oh yeah, Glow Hockey 2 is a simple yet pleasantly addictive (yes, I know that word is WAY too overused in app lingo) game involving a virtual rendition of air hockey.

From iTunes Description:

Glow Hockey delivers a new style of hockey game. Easy to play, hard to master. Challenge yourself with the computer opponents or play with your friends!

+ Colorful glow graphics.
+ Smooth and responsive game play.
+ Realistic physics.
+ GameCenter support for iOS 4.
+ OpenFeint leaderboard!
+ Bluetooth head-to-head (requires iOS 3.0 or higher). Bluetooth is not supported on iPhone 1G or iPod Touch 1G (hardware limitation).
+ LOCAL WiFi (head-to-head).
+ Support 2 players on the same device.
+ Championship mode with 3 saved games (unlimited AI levels, see how far you can go!).
+ Quick play mode (single player & 2 players), practicing with 4 difficulty levels (easy to insane) before challenge yourself with Championship mode.
+ 11 table themes (including realistic table hockey theme).
+ 4 selectable paddles and pucks (for each theme).
+ Vibrate when goal (iPhone only).
+ Support iOS 3.1.3 or higher.

At least you don't have to worry about having your fingers crushed in this version!

Call of Mini: Double Shot

Finally, I bring you the little game that I love to hate and hate to love, Call of Mini: Double Shot.  You know what I hate?  It is when I pay full price for an app only to watch it be reduced to a free app the next day.  Well, that is exactly what happened with Call of Mini: Double Shot.  It seems as though they are now pursuing an in-app purchase business model.  I freaking hate in-app purchases!!!  What kind of gamer spends two bucks to get a more powerful gun in a video game?  I guess there are enough people out there that do, but it just seems illogical to me.  Despite the fact that this game pushes in-app purchases as many of the weapon upgrades are only available by paying for them, it is still an impressive little title.

From iTunes Description:

The small town of Lakeside is suffering from something even scarier than economic crisis: Zombies. You are an unwitting truck driver stranded in the middle of it all, forced to kill for your survival. In the face of deadly new breeds of bioengineered zombies, you and one buddy are the only two left to hunt down the source of the infection.

With super high-tech weapons and totally unique armor, how long can you hold off the zombie hordes?

✓ radical FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE characters
✓ 500 THRILLING nail-biting stages!
✓ DO BLOODY BATTLE alongside your friends’ characters!
✓ 21 DEADLY weapons
✓ 40 EXTREME avatars
✓ 12 GRUESOME zombies
✓ 35 CHALLENGING achievements
✓ COUNTLESS more new maps, monsters, and guns to come!

Excuse me while I whip this out!


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