Charadium 2

Charadium II. (free and paid) by On5 games

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Since On5′s first iteration a year ago with We Doodle and Charadium, I’ve been a loyal fan of their game and could absolutely not wait for its successor, Charadium 2. Charadium 2 is a fun Pictionary based game to showcase your artistic drawing ability. Pictionary has always been a fun game to play growing up and now you’re able to relive your childhood on your very own iOS device. The idea itself is amazing and so is the gameplay, especially trying to guess what your friends are able to draw. I cannot begin to explain how many times I’ve broke out laughing from sheer joy and embarrassment from my own pathetic drawings.


Charadium 2 comes with a new Ping Pong game mode which plays more like a turn based game, giving players time to play at their¬†convenience which¬†differs from the other two game modes that are live. The gameplay is simple, you’re given a random word from the game and your goal is to draw it the best to your ability. The better your drawings are, the easier it will be for the other players to guess. It might seem odd that you would want to help the other players by drawing well, but each correct guess scores yourself points. Once your turn is over, you’ll have a chance to guess the other players drawings with a set time limit.

The only problem I’ve run into playing this game was the amount of cheaters when playing with random players. Instead of drawing the word that’s given to them, they would instead spell the word out across the screen. There are ways of punishing the player caught cheating with the ‘warn’ button but it doesn’t seem like it does much at all. Aside from the random online jerks who ruin the game, I find playing this game with friends and family seems much more enjoyable.

Having played this game for a month, I can honestly say Charadium 2 could give any Zynga game a run for their money.



Fun Definitely
Sound & Graphics Not many sound effects but my laughter makes up for it
Controls Reponsive and precise
Replay Value Fun and addictive
Overall One of the best turn based games out there
App Name: Charadium II. (iTunes)
Version: 2.0
Price as of this writing: free and paid. :)
iTunes category: Games
Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Developer: On5 games
Device & iOS used for review: iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

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