Asteroids 2012

Asteroids 2012 ($ 2.99) by SKAPP Enterprises

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Asteroids is a pioneer video game, classic staple on old arcade boxes and computers. Zoom around in your spaceship, shoot asteroids, and dodge threatening flying particle chunks. Now, Asteroids 2012 hopes to revamp this arcade classic by bringing in a graphical overhaul, a variety of ships and weapons, and a full 3D space-combat engine. Does this iPhone remake stand up the popular arcade classic?

Asteroids 2012 lends an strong first impression. Graphics are sharp and cartoony, fully optimized for HD space glory. Navigating around the clever space station home screen is easy. There’s variety of game modes, ranging from the wave attack campaign to a mini-game where you fly across the galaxy looking for secret (guess what?) asteroids. Spend money on upgrading your weapons or unlocking shiny new ships.

In Asteroids 2012, you have option of accelerometer or touch controls. The touch controls are too sensitive- one swipe will send your space vessel careening off course. There are no ways to adjust this sensitivity, and, after a few frustrating minutes, I threw this control scheme out. The accelerometer is also sensitive, but still playable. Thankfully, re-calibrating your device is easy and can be done on the fl. Two buttons control your spaceship’s thrust and weapons. These controls take some getting used to, but shouldn’t be a surprise to those that have played iPhone space shooters before.

Once you sort out your controls, Asteroids 2012 is a surprisingly fun game. In wave attack, you have to defend planets from dozens of asteroids while trying not to die. There’s a lot of hectic maneuvering to dodge around asteroids and find a good angle to take them down. Hesitate too long, asteroids make contact, and it’s game over for you, my friend.  Upgrading your ship and purchasing new weapons gives the game a welcome breath of fresh air, and something to do in between levels.

Asteroids 2012 isn’t earth shattering, but it’s a solid, fun app and a promising addition to space-shooter genre. Once you get past the occasionally screwy controls and buggy menus, the game reveals some surprisingly fun space action. $ 3 is more than your average action game, but Asteroids 2012 has enough quality content to justify the price tag. Fly a ship, shoot some asteroids, protect earth from massive destruction, buy some bigger guns- all in a day’s work.


From SKAPP Enterprises:


Fun Enjoyable, action-packed space shooter
Sound & Graphics Solid
Controls Overly sensitive, but playable
Replay Value Lots of waves to beat and unlocks to buy should keep you occupied for a while
Overall Generally fun, worth $ 3 if you have the hankering for a space-shooter-action-adventure
App Name: Asteroids 2012 (iTunes)
Version: 1.0.2
Price as of this writing: $ 2.99
iTunes category: Games
Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Developer: SKAPP Enterprises
Device & iOS used for review: iPhone 4S, iOS 4.0.


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