AC-130 (free) by Triniti Interactive

Dammit! I really wanted this game to be awesome. It’s NOT BAD… but I think my expectations were maybe a little inflated, and I blame Call of Duty for that.

If you’ve ever played that Call of Duty mission where one guy is on the ground getting his ass torn to shreds while a friend, most likely a girl who’s afraid to get shot at, controls the flying gun in the sky, then you know what I’m talking about.┬áBut let me reiterate: AC-130 isn’t bad for what it is, and for the low, low price of zero it’s worth checking out if your lifelong dream is to rain death from above.

My main beef with AC-130 is that it’s just a little too easy for my tastes and, in campaign mode, the action kind of plods along with the levels offering new objectives but not too many challenges. I’m definitely not a master when it comes to gaming, but after playing for an hour I got tired of waiting for the game to open a can of whoopass on me.

On the plus side, the graphics are good and the overall package is pretty shiny. Yep. Not bad… and the price is right!

Bonus: just for fun, below is video footage from an actual AC-130 mission. Stuff starts blowing up around 4:15 so uh.. “viewer discretion advised”. If you can’t see the video, you may need to sign in to your YouTube account to prove that you’re at least 19.

Fun Kind of
Sound & Graphics Pretty good!
Controls Touch control good, tilt control bad
Replay Value Not seeing it
Overall Not bad
App Name: AC-130 (iTunes)
Version: 1.2
Price as of this writing: free. :)
iTunes category: Games
Optimized for: iPhone & iPad
Developer: Triniti Interactive
Device & iOS used for review: iPhone 4, iOS 5.0


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