A CloudApp File Sharing And Storage Client For iPhone


PocketCloud is an upcoming unofficial CloudApp client from Phaps Web Solutions. CloudApp currently offers online storage for quickly and easily sharing files to clients, co-workers, or friends.

Most of us are familiar with “cloud” based Internet services and storage. They allow users to access documents and other files from anywhere you have an Internet connection.  There are plenty of them out there, but Apple’s MobileMe, Dropbox, and Google Docs are those that most quickly come to mind. Phaps is hoping that CloudApp will be able to compete in the mobile arena with the likes of the above mentioned with their upcoming PocketCloud.

PocketCloud features:

• Upload existing content from your pasteboard and photo library or take a new photo or video with your camera
• Add files from any app that supports document interaction to your CloudApp account
• View images, text, videos, PDFs, Office and iWorks documents within the app and listen to uploaded music
• Full multitasking support: Finish uploads or syncing in the background and switch fast between apps
• Save images and videos to your photo library
• Search your complete library and share files via e-mail
• Full copy & paste and landscape support

CloudApp, by Linebreak, is still in its infancy. Little is written in stone as far as features, pricing, and plans are concerned. Currently, CloudApp accounts are free and the only limitation is files cannot exceed 50MB. Official plans, free and paid, are looking to be announced sometime in the next couple months but as of yet, it seems like a fairly good way to go.

CloudApp does offer a web interface for use on personal computers. PocketCloud has already been submitted for Apple’s approval and should be available shortly. No further details have been provided, but we’ll keep our readers as informed as possible.


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