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iPhone 5 NFC Rumor Trying To Make A Comeback

NFC and wave-and-pay technology was one of the first big iPhone 5 feature rumors in 2011. Now, with a bit of new NFC-related news from Mastercard, it is making its way back into the iPhone 5 conversation. But is there

iPhone 5: The final rumors


Apple’s official announcement is coming October 4, and we’ll bring you all the final pieces to the iPhone 5 puzzle. Plus, Apple’s paying attention to a Kindle that’s hot like “Fire.”

A Blast from the Past: History of the iPhone

Are you eagerly awaiting the release of Apple’s long-promised iPhone 5? Would you believe it was only five years ago that the first iPhone was introduced? It may seem strange that is was only in these last few years because

Untethered Jailbreak 4.3.3 Firmware iPhone 4, 3Gs, iPod Touch 3, 4 & iPad


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How to Install Siri on iPhone 4 without Proxy

How to Install Siri on iPhone 4 without Proxy is a post from: Okay, this time it’s no proxy, no routing through various channels or any of that complicated stuff. We’re talking about how to install Siri on iPhone

Improvements, Enhancements, and Additions with the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is believed to be the last product of genius from Apple’s Steve Jobs. Many Apple fanatics were left disappointed when the company released iPhone 4s instead of the much awaited iPhone 5. The release of the newest


UFOlocaust (0.99$ ) by Priware Entertainment S.L Available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad What’s in a name? A tower defense game by any other name would be just as fun to play. Well, UFOlocaust is not the best of the

iPhone 5 Release Date: May? No Way, But It’s a Closer Guess Than Fall

A new report is circulating that the iPhone 5 could be released as early as May, and that production at Foxconn is already underway. May doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it might be a better guess than

iPhone 5 Rumors – Upcoming Features to Expect in the iPhone 5

A lot of rumors have been circulating about the iPhone 5 device. Everyone assumed that Apple will be releasing their next-gen iPhone last October 4, 2011. However the company only released an updated version of the iPhone 4 known as

FASTEST Jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 Untethered iPhone 4/3GS iPod Touch 4G/3G iPad Redsn0w 0.9.10b1


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Send Tweets Using Siri : Sireet, Jailbreak Tweak Allows iPhone 4S Users To Send Tweets Using Siri

Send Tweets Using Siri : Sireet, Jailbreak Tweak Allows iPhone 4S Users To Send Tweets Using Siri is a post from: You had heard about the upcoming Cydia tweak called Sireet that would allow you to make tweet using

10 Addictive iPhone Games that You’ll Never Get Bored of

When it comes to cell phones these days, it really is all about the iPhone. From its crystal clear reception, to its unbeatable camera, to its wealth of available apps, iPhone truly does set the standard to beat in a

iPhone 5 to Have 4 Inch Screen and May Be Waterproof

The rumor mill has been spinning out of control ever since 2011 with the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 4S that was expected to be the more advanced iPhone 5. Now in 2012 after the emergence of the iPhone

iPhone 5 Release Date – When Can You Expect to Get Your Hands on The iPhone 5?


One of the most anticipated events of 2012 is definitely the unveiling and eventual release date of the iPhone 5. A lot of people were disappointed when in, October 4, 2011 Apple came out with iPhone 4s instead, an updated

iPhone 5 Features – What Surprises Does the iPhone 5 Have in Store For Us?

The release of iPhone 4s a couple of months back surely made a buzz worldwide. However, majority of Apple fanatics are now becoming more eager with the release of iPhone 5. It is true that it will only be a

Inside The actual Asus 950 Electronic Reader As well as Ebooks

E-readers inside the previous 6 months currently have gone a crazy amount of growth because allot of higher than average profile firms scramble with launch goods up to a ravenous consumber market. Reports concerning the actual numerous these goods that