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Sims Creator Begins Tampering with Real Life

Will Wright, creator of The Sims, is moving beyond mere pixels, and taking gamers with him. Instead of letting you play god and housing designer to a group of non-sentient AI, his newest game will actually play games with your

Fight the Power!

iPhone App Reviews is not a political blog and it never will be, but something special is happening out in those parks! And the protest sign below is just too good not to share… a greater truth has never been scrawled

Is That an iPhone 5 Airbag in Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

A patent schematic for an “iPhone 5 Airbag” A new report claims that an Apple patent outlines an airbag-like invention for protecting an iPhone for drops. Could this patent end up on the iPhone 5? The iPhone 5 rumor mill

Fake Apple Store


A brief visit to one of the most famous Apple Stores in the world, which isn’t really isn’t an Apple Store, filmed on July 22, 2011 with the help of my MacBook. Music courtesy of Raderman’s and Beckerman’s Orchestra “Eyropeyishe

iPhone 5 (4S) – Rumor Roundup #4


  iPhone 4S – Apple Event Recap! Apple didn’t allow any live vid streaming option, so no one outside that Cupertino town hall room got to see the iPhone press event in moving images. But don’t worry — we’ve got

iPad 3 & iPhone 5 Release Date Potential Details – Rumor Mill

No, this is not one more iPhone 5 release date speculation that should be rejected summarily. Popular Apple news blog iLounge just reported that one of their most reliable sources has spoken about two of the most important gadgets that

CNET Apple Byte: iPhone 5: Rumors vs. Reality


We’ll makes sense of all the iPhone 5 rumors floating around. The iPad 3 is pushed to 2012, even though it never had an official release date. Plus, we’ve found a cat for the next Mac OS X. Video Rating:

Airtel iPhone 4S Price in India

So folks in India, time to celebrate. Airtel (and Aircel) are bringing you the iPhone 4S to India – within few weeks of its release in the US. Airtel iPhone 4S is due out on November 25th – much like




Android-powered Amazon Smartphone May Battle iPhone 5

Analysts are now predicting that Amazon will release a smartphone in 2012 to take on the iPhone 5. But rumors indicate that it will most likely feature the Android operating system. Sensing that their brand name is quickly becoming a

Bag It!

Bag It! ($ .99 on iPhone and $ 2.99 on iPad) by Hidden Variable Studios Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad I have to admit I was kind of expecting Bag It! to suck pretty hard… I mean, bagging groceries

Apple Byte: An iPhone 5 and iPad HD this fall?


Video Link: Apple is looking at wireless charging for the next-gen iPhone; we’ll sift through the fact and fiction of the iPad HD; and the AppleByte sets its own Guinness World Record. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Apple’s Universal Power Adapter – The End of Multiple Power Adapters / Chargers

It’s really tough when it comes to having too many charging adapters for all the Apple products out there. There are houses that have many of the Apple products – a Macbook, many iPhones, iPod Touch, and iPads. Having different

Apple iPhone 4S Trailer


Apple provides an overview of the tech of the new iPhone 4S, highlighting the hardware and software of their new and improved mobile in this trailer. IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content! Check out our other game

Apple MacBook Pro Late 2011 8GB Memory & SSD Upgrade


Apple MacBook Pro Late 2011 8GB Memory & SSD Upgrade. Supplied by SSD by Memory by Sponsored by Sponsored by The application used to clone the OS to the SSD was SuperDuper The docking

iPhone 4 Users May Be Skipping the 4S for the iPhone 5

Strong rumors of a June iPhone 5 release, together with the iPhone 4S being a form factor refresh, may have compelled iPhone 4 users to skip the 4S rush. While early polls showed that just as many iPhone 4 users