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Popular GTA III Will Be Available for iPhone 4S

Iphone 4S GTA III

RockStar, the developer of widely appreciated Grand Theft Auto series, announced recently that ten-year-old GTA III would reach the mobile devices. The game will be supported by Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPad 2 as well as Android smartphones (Droid X2,

Stabilization – The Biggest Improvement With iPhone 4S’ Camera

Iphone 4s Camera

Although some users are still sobbing of not getting a re-designed iPhone, it seems that iPhone 4S reveals more and more differences from its predecessor. A newly posted clip shows how the upgraded camera represents a huge leap. The clip

Redsn0w for iOS5 Out

The iPhone Dev Team released redsn0w for iOS5 today. Apple also released the iOS5 GM to developers today. These tools are only for developers. I recommend you do not go update to this right now. Here are the reasons: 1)

SBSettings Beta for iOS5

I have a lot of big changes coming to SBSettings for iOS5. For those of you on iOS5 already that want to test it, I should be releasing daily beta updates for it. Here are some features: Notification center integration

iOS 5 Out Today

iOS 5 is out today. For those of you jailbreakers, you should be aware of the status. You may want to hold off on the update for now because the jailbreak is tethered: 1) A tethered jailbreak is available via

What Letdown? — iPhone 4S Initial Sales More Than Double iPhone 4 Initial Rate

In his MondayNote blog, Jean-Louis Gassée, former head of Apple France, later appointed to Steve Jobs’s former position as head of Macintosh development by Apple CEO John Sculley after Sculley fired Jobs in 1985, observes that what many of us

4G LTE iPhone in 2012: “iPhone 4GS” Instead of “iPhone 5″ (Or 6)?

4G LTE is among some of the most anticipated new features for the 2012 iPhone 5. But would Apple consider calling its next iPhone “iPhone 4GS” to promote its LTE  capabilities, much like it did with the iPhone 3G back

When Will The iPhone 5 Be Ready For Release?

iPhone 5 Conceptualization The biggest factor in the iPhone 5 being “ready” could center around 4G LTE networking. AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon are each going to build out their own LTE networks at their own pace, and while Apple would

iFixIt iPhone 4S Teardown

iFixit has posted a detailed and exhaustively illustrated teardown of the new iPhone 4S. iFixit’s Director of Technical Communication Miroslav Djuric says with the help of an iFixit user hailing from Germany, Markus Weiher, the iFixit team successfully dismantled Apple’s

Monster Pinball Lite

Monster Pinball Lite, featuring one of the six tables from the full Monster Pinball game. This table featured is called Hogie Feed and is great fun to play. It is available to download from the iTunes store and it’s free

ProCamera – Advanced iPhone Photography

The long-awaited camera app for the iPhone is back. Bringing professional features and intuitive usability to any iPhone, wether it’s an iPhone, iPhone 3G or the iPhone 3GS. What’s new? ProCamera 2.1 introduces full-resolution Digital Zoom, while other camera apps

Burst the Bubble

Burst the Bubble iPhone app is a simple yet addictive game from NotOnlyButAlso that players can easily pick up and play. The idea of the game in essence is to burst as many bubbles as possible. The player can only

How2Draw: drawing lessons on the iPhone

How2Draw is a new series of educational apps available at the App Store, developed by brazilian ZeroUm Digital. Its first volume, Faces, brings 8 step-by-step lessons on drawing the human face, from a small child to an elderly man. iPhone

EyeTV iPhone application adds 3G streaming

As you’re aware iPhone applications are getting 3G support and the latest app to join the group is the EyeTV. If you’ve been an EyeTV user then this is a good news for you. The latest version (v3.3 available now

Viber – Free iPhone VoIP Application

Viber – the Free iPhone VoIP app without the hassle of registration or sign up. You install the app, run and authenticate your phone with a pin code (authenticated via SMS) and start making FREE calls, simple as that. More

iPhone a life saver

Well, we’ve heard a lot things that an iPhone can do but this one takes the cake. A Colorado film maker, a recent Haiti earthquake survivor credits his iPhone to help save his life. While he was under the rubble and