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Low Consumer Interest May Delay NFC Technology For iPhone 5

Google Wallet and other NFC payment platforms such as Visa and Isis have put digital wallet technology on the map. But a lack of consumer knowledge and interest in paying for goods with their smartphone may mean no NFC on the

My iOS 5 Upgrade Experience

If you were here last week, you may recall that I was congratulating myself for delaying an upgrade to iOS 5 with regard to issues early adopters were reporting, much of that presumably due to server congestion in the initial

iPhone 4S First Glitches Appear – The Display – Yellow Gate

iPhone 4S Yellowgate

The most common problem reported to the Apple Support Forum is that some of the iPhone 4S displays have a yellow tint. The same issue has been reported previously, after the release of different Apple devices and already the blogosphere

iPhone 4S Vs. Samsung Galaxy S II And Galaxy S2

iPhone 4S and Samsung S2

iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II. Everyone wants either of these two smartphones. iPhone 4S which is the most powerful iPhone ever and has already beaten the records of previous iPhone sales. And Samsung Galaxy S II is the

How the iPhone Has Changed the World

When Steve Jobs said that the iPhone would change the world in 2007, we all just nodded our heads, enthralled with the idea of mobile computing. Time with our phones has quickly outpaced time spent with our gaming consoles, e-readers

50 GB Free Cloud; iPhone 4S Speed; Trade-In Price Lock-in; Best iPhone 4S Online Purchase Experience

Here’s a potpourri of iPhone-related items crossing my desk today that I thought would merit passing along to iPhone 5 News Blog readers, offered as purely informational. This site has no commercial relationship or conflict of interest with any of

Teardrop or Curved: What’s the Purpose of a Reshaped iPhone 5?

Rumors have long suggested that the iPhone 5 will a new form factor, with design concepts ranging from an ergonomically curved display to a sleek teardrop shape. Should Apple adopt one of these design concepts for the iPhone 5, what

5 Annoying Things About iOS 5 And How to Fix Them

Apple iPhone iOS 5

I admit, when the new iOS 5 update for Apple devices was coming out, I had iTunes open all morning with my iPhone 4 attached… waiting… waiting… waiting until finally the new version of iOS was available for download. I

iPhone 5 Pictures

Recently we told you all about iPhone 5 release date and features. Now many of us are wondering how iPhone 5 would look like. Below are some of iPhone 5 pictures that we found on the Internet. However, these images

Summertime iPhone 5 Rumors Hurt Q3 iPhone Sales For Apple

Wall Street is frowning on an earnings report from Apple today that shows they failed to meet analysts’ iPhone sales predictions for Q3 2011. The long, painful wait for the iPhone 5 certainly played a role. Apple is dealing with

Apple’s IPhone 4S Sales May Reach Whooping 4 Million This Weekend

Iphone 4S London Camp

Apple Inc. is poised to sell as many as 4 million units of its new iPhone 4S this weekend as customers around the world clamor for one of the last products developed under Steve Jobs. The device, available today in

Samsung Back To Manufacturing A6 Chip For 2012 iPhone 5?

While iPhone and Android users are still debating the speed and performance of the A5-powered iPhone 4S, a new rumor suggests that the next-in-line A6 chip for the 2012 iPhone 5 might end up to be manufactured by Samsung after

While Supplies Last: How Long Will the iPhone 3GS &iPhone 4 Remain In Stock?

Apple is currently offering three iPhone models — the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and legacy model iPhone 3GS. But with the 2012 iPhone 5 possibly on tap in less than a year, how long will the iPhone 3GS & 4

Possible 2012 iPhone 5 Announcement Dates

No one has even a clue about when the iPhone 5 could drop in 2012. But that doesn’t stop us from staking out a few possible dates, events, and times. In the wake of Apple doing the unthinkable — changing

You Can Trade Your iPhone 4 For A Brand New iPhone 4S

Iphone 4 Trade

This Friday, the first pre-orders for the newly released iPhone 4S started to be registered. As every new Apple device raises a buzz on the market, the resellers are doing the best to attract customers and are already offering trade-in

iPhone 5 Will Come With Changed Design And 4G Capacity

Iphone 5 With 4G

Analysts with a good track record when it comes to predict Apple’s moves on the market, anticipate an iPhone 5 to be released in June and to incorporate 4G LTE and NFC technology. As the recent unveil of Apple’s iPhone