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Apple – Introducing iPhone 4S


With the dual-core A5 chip, all-new 8-megapixel camera and optics, iOS 5, iCloud, and Siri, iPhone 4S is the most amazing iPhone yet. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Apple – Introducing iOS 5


Get a closer look at a few of the over 200 features that make iOS 5 the best update yet for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Video Rating: 4 / 5



The characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic bring you this cautionary tale about the dangers of eating too many apples

Apple – Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S


Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, set reminders, place phone calls, and more. Video Rating: 4 / 5 ANNOYING ORANGE iPHONE & iPOD GAME: An Orange annoys the hell out of his friend,

iPhone 4S’s Siri Is a Search Engine, Will Compete With Google Search

Apple’s new Siri voice assistant uses LSI and AI technologies, making it more like Google Search and less like a simple app. If you’ve already invested in the new iPhone 4S, chances are you’re most excited about its top gadget:


Halloween! (Free) by Schatzisoft Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad If you’re looking for an all-in-one Halloween app, this is it. Kind of. Halloween! comes equipped with a bunch of features including a countdown to October 31st, scary sounds, creepy

New iPhone 5 Renderings Deliver On Larger Screen, Home Button

Designer Antonio De Rosa’s new iPhone 5 renderings offer a solid guess at what the next iPhone 5 could look like. The iPhone 5 rumor mill is never lacking in renderings and mock-ups. And because the rumor mill has essentially

Sprint iPhone 4S Sales Soar, But Can Their Network Hold Up?

 The iPhone 4S has easily become Sprint’s best-selling device in the company’s history. But will their 3G network technology be able to support all of the new device activations on the Sprint network? After defeating the Romans with huge casualties,

Apple Looking into Projector Display For iPhone 5

Although this is definitely based on speculation, many people and analysts are pointing at Apple releasing some sort of mini-projector with the iPhone 5. What does this even mean? Well, users will be able to use their iPhone 5 to

Top 3 iPhone Strategy Games

Strategy is a beautiful thing. It can win you wars, Sun Tzu-style, or it can help you pass time with your iPhone without going brain dead. While some of the simpler games are brilliant for passing a few minutes, there’s

Apple’s Hardware De-Emphasis With iPhone 4S Release Deliberate?

HardMac’s Lionel notes that with the launch of the original iPhone, Apple was able to surprise the entire phone industry and corner an incredible market share in just a few years. However, he observes that many are suggesting that the

Prize Claw Halloween

Prize Claw Halloween (free) by Game Circus If your kid is into those prize claw machines that never spit out actual prizes, get this app and tell Junior to shut his hole. Ok that’s a little mean, don’t do that!


AC-130 (free) by Triniti Interactive Dammit! I really wanted this game to be awesome. It’s NOT BAD… but I think my expectations were maybe a little inflated, and I blame Call of Duty for that. If you’ve ever played that


Photofunia (free) by Alexey Ivanov Photofunia may be filed under Entertainment but it’s really a photo app and a pretty cool one at that! There are some great apps out there that allow you to do some impressive tricks with

Kakao Talk Messenger

Kakao Talk Messenger (free) by Kakao Corp. I have no idea if Kakao Talk is hot in the U.S. but I can tell you this… it’s huuuuuge in Korea! It really is. I live in Seoul, Korea and just about

T-Mobile Explains Why No iPhone 4S, Further Evidence of 4G iPhone 5?

Sprint’s media event on October 7th sparked new speculation that the 2012 iPhone 5 will indeed be a 4G LTE smartphone. Does T-Mobile’s recent comments about why they are not carrying the iPhone 4S also suggest that 4G for the