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Logic of New Leaked AT&T Documents Refute iPhone 6 Spring Launch Claim

Fresh rumors about the iPhone 6 have circulated recently that it could see a Spring 2012 release. But a new leaked document from AT&T shows that the mobile giant’s timeline for implementing 4G on Apple mobile devices may prove the

Testing Begins for iPhone 6′s A6 Chip

A faster, more powerful A6 chip will give the iPhone 6 the ability to run exciting new features, like 4G and 3D displays, all while producing less heat than the current A5 chip. Just as Apple’s A5 chip has come

The New Normal: iPhone 6, Future iPhones May Remain On Late-Summer Release Schedule

In spite of the fact that the iPhone 5 is stated to be released at the end of the summer, tech analysts and bloggers still cannot accept the logic that a September release for the iPhone 6 and beyond may

Could the iPhone 6 Be Cut From a Single Piece of Metal?

A recently discovered patent reveals that Apple has plans to develop an iPhone from a single piece of metal. Could this new patent comprise the form factor of the iPhone 6? There’s no denying it: Apple loves to build beautiful

iPhone 6 May Get Protector Feature Slightly Rumored for the iPhone 5

While the iPhone 5 rumor mill has had its fair share of purported features for the 2011 iPhone, few of the features have been what onlookers would call “novel.” In many ways, wanted features for the iPhone 5 such as

iPhone 5 Best Buy Report Hoax: Where’s the Outrage?

BGR’s Best Buy document that purports to announce the iPhone 5‘s launch is proven to be a hoax. When will the tech media — and the iPhone enthusiasts that frequent them — stop believing the lies? The iPhone 5 community has

iPhone Ranks Highest in Smartphone Customer Satisfaction

The right blend of design and technology is critical to creating an exceptional user experience with both smartphones and traditional mobile handsets, and the iPhone occupies the top of the heap. So finds the J.D. Power and Associates 2011 U.S.

iPhone 5 “In Production” For 2 Months Now, Conflicting Reports

A new report today that suggests Foxconn is churning out 150,000 iPhone 5 units a day is a good sign. But what about all of the iPhone 5 production reports from two months back? I was intrigued by an article

Apple’s $100 Back to School Promo Deadline In Time For iPhone 5

Apple is running a great Back To School promotion right now that is set to end  might coincide with a late-September iPhone 5 announcement. A near month-long Apple promotion may offer a clue to when we might hear about an

iPhone 5 Will Usher In Apple’s Newest Cash Cow: iCloud

Apple will leverage the excitement of the iPhone 5 to hook its users on the iCloud — which will become Apple’s long-term money-making machine. For most of us, the impending iPhone 5 announcement represents a kind of catharsis. An end,

A Curious Thought: iPhone 5 Really a Small iPad or New iPod?

Wired Magazine ponders the question: could the bigger-screened iPhone 5 rumors really be for a new iPod model? Or, how about a mini iPad?  Speculation alert: there are no rumors, leaks, or actionable intel cited in this article. Just a

July 9th – Apple Will Be Producing 25 Million iPhone 5 Units In 2011

Apple Will Create 25 Million Units of The iPhone 5 As the launch of its next-generation iPhone handset nears, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is gearing up to ship a record amount of iPhones to close out

July 19th – iOS 5 To Feature Gestures To Replace Buttons

iPhone 5 Coming Soon Apple has released the newest beta of their upcoming iOS 5 mobile operating system, and one of the quickly discovered new features is a gesture interface that provides the same functionality as the iPhone and iPad’s

July 21st – Apple In Early Stages To Acquire Hulu

Hulu Coming On Your iPhone 5 Soon? According to a recent report by Bloomgberg, Apple is currently involved in considering the highly acclaimed online video player Hulu.Hulu, which is currently only available in the United States, is a popular online

August 4th – China Telecom Confirms iPhone 5 For October

iPhone 5 Coming Very Soon! China Telecom recently stated that they’ve reached a ‘preliminary agreement’ with Apple to carry the next-generation iPhone, which they say will be a simplified iPhone 4.Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities recently issued a note to

August 31st – iOS 5 Operating System

iPhone 5 Coming Soon Ahead of the arrival of the iPhone 5 there is little outsiders can know for certain about Apple`s latest smartphone. However, it has been a little more liberal with the details concerning iOS 5, the platform