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Like the A5 Chip? New Report Suggests An A6 Chip For iPhone 6 in 2012

iPad 2 users are raving about the speed and agility of the A5 chip, and iPhone users are excited about the prospects of an A5-equipped iPhone 5. But new rumors suggest that a bigger, better A6 chip is coming to

Dual-Screen Cool: Can a Dual Screened iPhone Solve the Screen Size Divide?

Would a dual-screened iPhone be cool? Does the iPhone 5 need a larger screen, or are the new round of iPhone competitors’ screens too big? Maybe a dual-screened iPhone could satisfy everyone. Few rumored iPhone 5 feature upgrades stoke as

June 27th – iPhone 5 Production Will Begin In August

iPhone 5 in August; Apple TV coming soon? Apple will begin production of the iPhone 5 this August, ahead of many reports that suggested a late third quarter launch.According to a report by Morgan Stanley analyst, Katy Huberty, Apple’s next

Getting More From Your Kid’s Games on Your iPhone

With the advent of educational games, iPhones are being used as pacifiers. If a child is bored, crying or generally being obnoxious, the smartphone gets stuck in their hands like a pacifier gets stuck into their mouths. Sometimes the games

BusinessInsider Suggests that iPhone 6 Could Debut in March 2012

iPhone users are currently eagerly anticipating the iPhone 5. But recent rumors from top tech and business analysts suggest that the iPhone 6 could debut as soon as March of 2012. A common conundrum for iPhone users over the past

Sub-4″ iPhone 5 Screen Separates Apple From The Pack

More rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 may indeed turn out to sport the same screen size and form factor as the iPhone 4. If Apple chooses to stick with a sub-4″ screen, it’s because they believe that “smaller is

Check out the latest iPad 3 News Here!

Our friends over at iPad 3 News Blog have all the latest news, updates and rumors on the highly anticipated iPad 3. There are already tons of rumors circulating it’s upcoming release and people are buzzing about what features it

Google Music comes to iOS as web app, but only in US

iPhone and iPad users in the US now have access access to Google Music a cloud service previously reserved for Android devices only. However, instead of creating a native iOS app, Google offers a Web app designed to rival Apple’s

Flash Server update brings iOS support

Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Apple and Adobe have been engaged in a cold war over the future of Flash on the iOS platform, a conflict that has occasionally warmed as the companies and their employees traded

Opinion: Shady search for iPhone 5 casts iCloud over Apple

Yes, the story of Apple’s police-aided, ham-handed hunt for a second lost iPhone prototype has received a fair amount of attention. However, the Keystone Kops-like caper deserves a lot more, and probably would have gotten it right off the bat

iPhone 4 inventory low, iPhone nano and other iPhone 5 reports

The iOSsphere this week seized on iPhone 4 inventory levels, carrier promotional documents, third-party phone cases, and reports of plans to build 27 million Next iPhones by January to reassure itself that The Wait is nearing an end.

iPhone 5 references removed from Vodafone site

Vodafone has removed references to Apple’s next-generation iPhone on its website after the iPhone 5 was listed as being compatible with its femtocell device.

New HP app enables printing & scanning to iPhones, Facebook

For those running HP printers and scanners alongside their Macs, a series of new products were launched at HP’s Imaging and Printing Conference 2011, to help both its home and business consumers adopt mobile and 3D printing.

Larger Screen, New Form Factor More Likely For iPhone 6

As rumors that the iPhone 5 will stick with the same old form factor and screen size crystalize, it is more likely that Apple might save a larger screen and radical, net design for the iPhone 6. There’s not much

Weekend iPhone 5 Rumors Roundup

Sprint Memo Suggests iPhone 5 To Launch Before October 15 Beta 7 Build Of iOS 5 Points To Imminent iPhone 5 Announcement Longer iPhone 4 Ship Times Also Point To Imminent iPhone 5 Announcement iPhone 4 Sales Remain “Robust” Notwithstanding

July 1st – Suppliers Begin Preparing For iPhone 5; October Seems Most Likely

iPhone 5 Coming Soon According to a recent report by Digitimes, suppliers in Apple’s iPhone supply-chain are preparing for a September announcement of the iPhone 5 and a October release of the smartphone to the consumer market.The report cites a