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What Does Case-Mate’s iPhone 5 Publicity Stunt Tell Us?

Um, if Case-Mate knows what the iPhone 5 looks like, then why is this photo an iPhone 4 and not the iPhone 5 used in their product photos? Yesterday’s surprise leak of Case-Mate iPhone 5 case photos was a news

iPhone 5 Protector Suggests The Widely Rumored Elongated Home Button

With the release of iPhone 5 pending since last few months the market is heating up with every new hint of iPhone 5 design. Recently has published a couple of screen protectors that are supposedly made for iPhone 5.

Rushing Ninjas: Rush those ninjas through or get chopped

Today Rushing Ninjas by the guys from Frostware Entertainment, the studio known for The Starchildren and Skycat, rushed into Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. This arcade-like game is the perfect way to test your multitasking skills in

Apple Discontinued Bumper Rumor Suggests Aluminum-Back iPhone 5

A new report indicates that Apple may be preparing to discontinue the bumper for the iPhone 4, suggesting the iPhone 5 may sport an aluminum or LiquidMetal back — or that we may indeed be getting two new models. But

Cowboy Gun shooter game for iPhone available for download

Amongst this week’s Chillingo releases, we find a top-down western style shooter entitled Cowboy Guns for iPhone and iPod Touch. You’re The Kid, and don’t be fooled by your name because you’re fearless and taking on the deadly gang named

Idyllic removing gaps between casual and hardcore gamers

Idyllic might sound a bit very idyllic for an iPhone game, even though it sure looks idyllic from the info and first media of the game. The game wants you to put on your jumping shoes to start jumping around

Case-Mate iPhone 5 Cases Go Live

This is a big story to hit the iPhone 5 rumor mill. A major iPhone case company has gone live with new iPhone 5 cases. Case-Matehas posted a series of new cases that purport to fit the yet-to-be-announced iPhone 5.

Stand O’Food 3 back with burger flipping fun

Many mobile gamers still fancy Flipping burgers and a twist of strategy added to it, which is why G5 Entertainment released its third installment of the Stand O’Food series in the App Store for both iOS devices and the Androids.

iPhone 5 Europe Release Oct. 15; Massive Pent-Up U.S. Demand

French iPhone carrier service Orange’s CEO Stephane Richard let slip in a guest appearance on BFM Business that the iPhone 5 will be available in France on October 15. The Mac4Ever site’s arnaud quotes Richard saying: “If I believe what

New iPhone 5 – Out Of Body Experience?

The iPhone 5 Will Be Shaped Different From The iPhone 4 That might be a slight assumption, but let’s face it, why would they release a NEW phone that looks like the old one? I know it makes sense financially

June 22nd – Bloomberg Says iPhone 5 Coming in September

iPhone 5 In September Says Bloomberg Bloomberg has just reported that the iPhone 5 is set to be released this September and highlights a number of features that have been rumored to be featured on the phone as well. blank

Rumored Sharp p-Si LCD Screen For iPhone 6 Could Lead To a Next-Generation Touch Screen

Fresh rumors abound that Apple has contracted sharp to design and build a next-generation p-Si LCD screen for the iPhone 6. Find out how this new screen technology could be combined with a groundbreaking Apple patent for unprecedented gesture control.

Shadowgun coming to iPhone and iPad September 28th

If there’s one game due for release this fall we easily got excited about, it must definitely be Shadowgun. The fine folks over at Madfinger Games announced that their much anticipated iPhone and iPad game is set for release in

He Wishes: HTC President Claims iPhone 5 Hype Declining

HTC acting President Martin Fichter tries to inject himself into the iPhone 5 excitement by claiming there isn’t much excitement surrounding the iPhone 5 anymore. Huh? It isn’t hard for media influencers and business stakeholders to get their fifteen minutes of

iPhone 6 Going To Get 4G Treatment In 2012?

Rumors are abounding that a 3G iPhone 5 may have a 4G competitor in 2011 with the rumored “Nexus 4G.” Does this mean that a 4G iPhone 6 in 2012 is likely? Year after year, 4G is becoming the holy

June 23rd – iPhone 5 Will Have Two LED Flashes


iPhone 5 With 2 LED Flash Concept According to a report by Digitimes, Apple’s iPhone 5 will feature not one, but two LED flashes on the cornered ends of the smartphone.The report states that Apple recognized that many problems were