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Beating The Coming Phone 4 Resale Value Plummet

With the new iPhone, in whatever form it ultimately materializes, coming October 4 — according to Al Gore — current model iPhone 4 resale values can reasonably be expected to take a nosedive. CNET’s Josh Lowensohn reports that many iPhone

Sprint CEO Plays Coy On iPhone 5 To Investors

Unlike T-Mobile, who definitively put to rest rumors of getting the iPhone 5 this year, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse offered more innuendo that Sprint will get the iPhone 5. Sprint continues to leave a breadcrumb trail of innuendo and suggestion

October 4th/5th iPhone Rumored Release Date In Question

Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Love The iPhone series, and will LOVE the iPhone 5 but I think it’s time that the media (myself included I guess) stopped making this release into such a huge deal. I mean, come on!

Al Gore Spills Beans On iPhone 5 In October

One of Apple’s Board of Directors may have just spilled the beans on the iPhone 5′s release in October — and that Board is none other than Al Gore. Move over climate change, Big Al is now the new iPhone

Surprisingly Accurate Photo of iPhone 5 (Concept Picture)

Although we truly won’t know what the iPhone 5 will look like until it comes out in the next couple weeks, this artist’s conceptualization of what the fifth-generation iPhone will look like is surprisingly accurate when compared to rumors of

Samsung Going For “Scorched Earth” iPhone 5 Strategy

In the face of losing the processor contract with Apple, as well as analysts’ predictions that iPhone 5 sales will be astoundingly high, Samsung isn’t counting solely on its SG2 to combat the next iPhone. For all of the excited

Case Companies Tout Samsung GS2 Cases Alongside iPhone, iPad Cases

While Case-Mate is hyping rumored iPhone 5 cases, they’ve already rolled out an army of cases for its rival, GS2 The worldwide popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and its impending release in the U.S. has prompted case manufacturers

iPhone 5 AND 4S (or 4-plus) Looking Likely; But Another iPhone 5 Delay? [UPDATED]

Jonathan Ratner of Canada’s influential Financial Post reports today that J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz is predicting that Apple will launch two new iPhone models this fall — the much-anticipated iPhone 5 with a fresh form factor and also an

Get Free iTube Studio YouTube Video Converter License ($29.00 Value)

Note: Not our usual The iPhone 5 News Blog fare, but we thought it would be of interest to iPhone and other iOS device users as the software is for converting downloaded videos for viewing on iPhone, iPad, and iPod,

AT&T Computer System Screen Shot Features iPhone 4s Menu Option

Rumors of the iPhone 4s have refused to die. Does this new screen shot from AT&T’s back-end reveal that the next iPhone won’t be called “iPhone 5?” After a summer of grainy, blurry photos and Photoshopped screen shots, the iPhone

Sprint’s Genius iPhone 5 Pre-Announcement Marketing Campaign

The U.S.’s third-largest mobile carrier has played its hand in the iPhone 5 rumor mill better than AT&T and Verizon combined. Read how Sprint is already hyping the iPhone 5 before it is even a reality. When it comes to

Did Vodafone Spill The Beans On Coming iPhone 5 Data Capacities? – No 64 GB Model

On its 3G WiFi Sure Signal booster product page, the UK’s Vodafone carrier apparently let the cat out of the bag regarding iPhone 5 data capacity configurations when the fifth-generation Apple handset becomes available within a few weeks. In the

Invitation Day: iPhone 5 Announcement Speculation Intensifies

September 14th has become a new speculative line in the sand for iPhone 5 enthusiasts, with many expecting press invites to go out today for a media event next week. Dawn in Cupertino, California. Apple’s PR team is waking up,

iPhone 5 Home Button Exposé Crushes Photos of Overhauled Form Factor

From Earlier photos that purported to show reams of new, larger iPhone 5 screens sporting elongated home buttons has met some fresh skepticism. iPhone 5 enthusiasts may remember a set of leaked photos from mid August that purported to

Opinion: iPhone 5 Announcement Delay Cased By Buzz, Jobs’ Illness

If the early October iPhone 5 release rumors are true, then why hasn’t Apple announced the new iPhone yet? The unprecedented iPhone 5 hype may have something to do with it. Ok — this is getting ridiculous. More articles today

Case-Mate Now Says iPhone 5 And iPhone 4S Both Coming [Updated]

As reported by Michael on Thursday, electronic device case manufacturer Case-Mate first posted, then pulled what can probably be best-described as an Apple unauthorized preview of its iPhone 5 case line. Presumably, Apple was not amused. To wit: Case-Mate has